HOTDOG Studios, the South Korean development studio behind such iOS hits as Ready Action! and Bugs Wars, has just released a teaser trailer for their next project called, ‘Fluffy Diver’.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything in terms of gameplay other than the fact that you must try and help an adorable trio of young harp seals find paradise. Watch them sliding and jumping around the ice as they explore and try to stay cool in the hot afternoon sun.

I have no idea what type of game this will be, but since I rather enjoyed HOTDOG’s previous titles, I’ll be keeping my eye on this one (which is due for release sometime in late October). According to the game’s official website, you have a chance to win a promo code for the game, by “liking” HOTDOG Studios on Facebook.

It’s also worth noting that a portion of the profits from the title will be donated to the Korean Animal Welfare Association.