San Francisco-based indie game developer Tall Chair, has just released their latest iPhone game, Cowboys vs Zombies. The title is a tower defense game played from a slightly different perspective. An almost 3D isometric view in where you can move up and down the old western town’s main road, positioning your cowboys on rooftops for the best vantage points from which to take out the hoards of advancing zombies and protect your sheriff.

Other than that, the game plays out pretty much like any other tower defense game. You have 4 different types of cowboys at your disposal (Pistol Packin Cowboys, Shotgun Shootin Cowboys, The Prospector and Fannie Smokely) each of which will cost you differing amounts to equip, with the more expensive “units” offering superior, albeit slower firepower. The buildings on which you’ve placed your hired guns are susceptible to damage as well, and if they go down you lose any cowboys on them, so you’ll need to decide when its most advantageous to spend your money repairing buildings vs. hiring more guns.

I spent a bit of time with this game last night, and it’s fun with some nice humor, the change in perspective offers some new challenges, both good, bad and ugly (come on, I had to say it), but I haven’t gotten enough hands on time for a formal review just yet. The game is playable in both vertical and landscape modes. An update is being submitted very soon which also adds OpenFeint support as well as another level and a few minor fixes.

In the press release we received it said that the game’s 99¢ price tag was for TODAY ONLY, but if I were a betting man, I suspect that this price will stick around for a while longer. Check out the Screenshots and Trailer below.

About Tall Chair, Inc:

Tall Chair, founded in May of 2009, as an independent developer working on mobile touch experiences. Tall Chair collaborates with partners and developers to help bring great ideas and projects to life. Armed with a solid art background, inventive designs and a tenacious and sometimes maddening desire to make compelling experiences, Tall Chair is redefining mobile touch media.