Texas-based indie developer Game Tongue Software has released a series of game play videos for their upcoming Old West-themed first person shooter, ‘Legendary Outlaw’.

Players take on the role of Colt Kaufman, a man willing to do anything necessary to obtain fortune and fame to become the legendary outlaw. The game features an open world environment that takes you from breaking out of your jail cell, to hiding out in the foothills with bandits, and finally to roaming the caverns of Kaufman.

Choose from a number of weapons including dual-wielding shotguns, an axe, a six shooter and even a Gatling gun. Then using brute force or stealth take downs, leave a pile of bodies in your dust. As they are dying, your victims will spout such poetic final words as, “Oh Crap, I just pissed my britches”.

Check out the game play videos below to see Legendary Outlaw in action. It is due to be released on all iOS platforms sometime in the coming month.