In June 2009, Finnish developer RedLynx released DrawRace, a innovative game that flipped the path drawing genre on its head. You raced against others by drawing a line which corresponded to the path that your race car would take around the track. The speed of your finger set the gas and brake. It was insanely fun and creative!

When I heard that RedLynx was making a sequel and that Chillingo would be publishing, let’s just say that I got more than a little excited. However, when I watched the teaser trailer (below), my jaw literally hit the floor. Graphically, DrawRace 2 looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The game’s 3D-rendered race tracks and visual effects look like the quality you’d find on a high budget title for a home console.

Scheduled to hit the App Store sometime next month (2 years after the original), RedLynx claims that DrawRace 2 “takes the best parts of the best-selling DrawRace and improves on them”. It will have an all-new career mode as well as enhanced global, national and friend leagues and Leader Boards.

It will use a similar gameplay mechanic and a unique feedback system that helps you improve your racing skills. The game will feature 16 unique cars, five skill levels, 180 challenges and 30 tracks. It’s unclear if this will be a universal app or if there will be separate iPhone and iPad releases, but both platforms will be supported. Judging from Chillingo’s recent release record however, my money would be on separate releases.

The full list of features includes:

  • Unique, touch-based racing controls
  • Intense global Leader Board and local Hot-Seat multiplayer (up to 4 players)
  • Physics-based racing with 16 different cars
  • More than 32 diverse, 3D-rendered race tracks
  • From the developers of Trials HD and MotoHeroz

There is no mention of online matches, but I’m hoping that some sort of Game Center-supported multiplayer will also be present, especially seeing as the original title supported networked multiplayer gameplay.