This week sees a fresh crop of exciting new titles on the App Store, starting with a freemium app from Everywhere Inc. called Fish Tales ™. It is an aquarium game, that has some really unique aspects that set it apart from its rivals in this increasingly popular space. Instead of just your common breeds, its got ninjas, cowboys and even geisha fish; humanized fishes based on movies, fairytales, etc.. And instead of breeding new species, they evolve ie. from Humming Ninja -> Shadow Ninja -> Invisible Ninja. There are loads of customizable options and tasks to be performed and you can play the whole game for free. While not a genre I tend to gravitate toward, the title has been receiving a lot of great initial buzz, and with the Free price tag I’ll be checking this one out and you might as well too.

Little White Bear Studios returns with TriZen, the newest title in their Tangram-inspired “Zen” puzzle game series. Players choose a puzzle to solve, and then try to fit the game pieces within the shaded puzzle area without overlapping. With over 500 puzzles the game offers a lot of value for the 99¢ launch price. I’ve played and enjoyed Little White Bear Studio’s previous efforts, Zentomino, TanZen and Pentanimals so I have no doubt this new entry will offer the same satisfying, challenging and relaxing puzzle experience as its predecessors.

Next up are three titles which we’ve already discussed, previewed or reviewed on the site before. The first of which is Burn it All – Journey to the Sun. A couple weeks ago I did an extensive preview of this game and now it is finally here. Mark my words…Bulkypix has a top 10 title on its hands with this one! If you are a fan of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or any of these style games, you are going to want to pick this one up. The second title is Crescent Moon Games’ Gears, which Martin just reviewed on the site yesterday. I’ve now had a chance to play this one myself a s well, and not only are the graphics absolutely amazing, the gameplay is quite fun too! Make sure you grab it while it’s still at its 99¢ launch price. Finally we have Owlchemy Labs’ Snuggle Truck, which I just discussed on the site this morning. As I said, if you are looking for a little mindless fun, with beautiful graphics and a perhaps a small amount of strategy, then definitely check this one out.

Konami released an interesting looking game called Alcatraz Breakout which appears to be in a similar vein as Craneballs Studio’s ’33rd Division’ (a game that I loved, but which seems to have inexplicably been removed from the App Store). It is part path drawing, part strategic gameplay as you try to lead a group of prisoners out of Alcatraz, avoiding the the search lights and guards.

Finally, there are a couple of new titles to satisfy all those fantasy and RPG fans. GAMEVIL has released the third title in their popular ZENONIA® action RPG series. In the day or so that it has been available, it has already garnered over 200 five star reviews on the App Store. Gameloft launched Order & Chaos© Online, a subscription-based real-time, full-3D MMORPG for the iPhone and iPad. The $6.99 price tag allows you to play for “free” for the first 3 months, with payment plans of 99¢/month, $1.99 for 3 months or $2.99 for 6 months after the initial free period. The game already has some serious momentum, ranking among the top five best-selling iPhone and iPad games in numerous countries, and ranked number one in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. With its portability, this could be an attractive option for WoW players trying to take the edge off while they are pretending to be at work. 😉

As always, please leave a comment below letting us know what new releases you picked up this week.

Fish Tales ™

Burn it All – Journey to the Sun


Alcatraz Breakout


Snuggle Truck

Snuggle Truck HD


Order & Chaos© Online