Tomorrow Noodlecake Studios is releasing their long anticipated big multiplayer update to Super Stickman Golf. But wait…I thought the game was called Super Stick Golf…what’s the “man” doing in there. Well it appears that the game is a victim of the latest big one-word broad-based copyright infringement accusation, this time made over the word “stick” (you can read more about it here).

The name may have changed, but it’s still the same awesomely fun golf game that, like me, you’ve probably grown addicted to. The new multiplayer mode is not your traditional leisurely, “everyone takes a turn” golf outing. Instead it’s a speed round where you just keep swinging at will, trying desperately to finish the hole before the other players (no matter the score). At the end of each hole, players earn points based on which place they finished the hole, with last place scoring nothing. The player with the most points at the end of nine holes wins. Just like an online FPS, while in the pre-game lobby, players can veto the selected course. I’ve had a chance to get in some early rounds of the new mode and it is a blast! Your adrenaline will be pumping and you will literally be screaming then cheering, then screaming at your iDevice with each shot. Multiplayer games can be established right through Game Center against friends or even a random opponent. There is also support for multiplayer play via local wifi and Bluetooth.

What???!!! You still haven’t tried Super Stickman Golf yet? Well I’ve got even more good news for you late adopters…tomorrow Noodlecake will also be releasing an all-new free version of the game. This free version contains three exclusive courses, as well as three of the full game’s unlockable special balls, local achievements and leaderboards, and also supports online multiplayer play against other players with the free version of the game. Due to a Game Center limitation (Apple doesn’t allow you to setup Game Center matches across different app IDs) players with the free version of the game cannot compete against the players with the paid version. So the exclusive courses are a nice way to entice even owners of the paid version, to download the free version as well.

The full, paid version of Super Stickman Golf will be updated tomorrow with its new name, multiplayer gameplay, six new courses, new Game Center achievements and leaderboards, including one for the total number of multiplayer points. Perhaps best of all…it will be on sale tomorrow for just 99¢! I highly recommend picking up this game in both the free and paid versions, it is loads of fun! To whet your appetite, check out some multiplayer gameplay in the video below.