Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! (No need to thank me for reminding you with time to spare.) So what better way is there to pass the time as you wait in line at the card store, jewelry store, or wherever you happen to be shopping for your sweetie, than some holiday themed games.

Here are some of my fun picks…

Angry Birds Seasons
As I reported last month, the guys at Rovio have been hard at work creating a bunch of new Valentine-themed levels for their self-published Angry Birds Seasons title. These new levels are not only challenging, but FREE for anyone who already purchased the Angry Birds Season app! So if you already own the game…update and enjoy.

Cut the Rope
Also offering some new free Valentine-themed content is Chillingo and Zeptolab with a brand new “Valentine Box” in their awesome puzzler Cut the Rope. This new level pack is SUPER challenging and forces players to first join two halves of Nom Nom’s beloved treat before feeding it to him. Again, existing owners just need to update their game to get this brand new box for FREE!

KissIsland is an accelerometer-based game that puts you in the role of a charming rogue of a space pilot who’s crash landed on an island packed with Amazon women who try their best to resist your charisma and ruggedly handsome good looks. Armed only with stones and your “cleverness to withstand the local female Chief of the Tribe and cunning Voodoo sorcerer” you must chase down and kiss the natives, while avoiding (or defeating) love-struck apes. An oddball concept and 70’s space music lead to a game that feels like a mix of Benny Hill and a Captain Kirk recon mission.

While perhaps not the best title in the “Run Like Hell!” series, HEART BREAKER is still an entertaining endurance run game that has you trying to avoid being captured by a mob of lovestruck women chasing you through the mall. You need to jump over boxes and plants and slide under displays, collecting hearts as you go. The more hearts you can collect, the better your score on the Game Center learderboards. A free and entertaining running game, it’s certainly worth checking out all the titles in the series, but this one will help put you in that Valentine mood.

PUCCA POP:Valentine Day
An addictive and fun match 3+ style puzzle game. This special Valentine’s edition of the popular game in the Korean Pucca franchise replaces the usual colored blocks with chocolates, hearts and other sweet things. It is perfect for players of all ages with a simple touch/drawing control scheme.

Tiki Totems 2 Valentine
A special 32-level Valentine edition of Spokko’s popular puzzle game Tiki Totems 2. Players must strategically remove the indicated number of pieces from a towering structure without damaging the Tiki balance precariously on top or letting it hit the ground, upsetting the Tiki Gods. It’s a fun and sometimes challenging puzzle game that is sure to entertain any casual gamer. As an added bonus, players can actually craft their very own Valentine-themed levels and send them as a Valentine to their puzzle playing friends and loved ones.

My Virtual Girlfriend
No date this Valentine’s Day? Well why not work on your charming skills and try to win the affections of a virtual girlfriend. My Virtual Girlfriend is not some crass sex app, instead it’s part dating simulator, part game and a challenge to see if you are boyfriend material. The game starts much like a real dating website where you get to customize your companion by selecting your preferences and then it starts the match-making process. Then the courtship is on, have meaningful conversations, hold hands, taking things slow, try to make your move too quickly and its game over. Definitely not a game for everyone, but its got some humorous dialog and might be good for a laugh or two. See if you’ve still got it. There is a free lite version as well, and we’ll be giving away one code to a luck winner (see details below).


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