“Bubble Your Way To World Domination!”
The devs at the small independent development studio Big Bad Brush sent us this trailer for their upcoming debut game BIG BAD Flower. You’ve created a huge evil sunflower to help you achieve your goal of World Domination. The endurance-style game has you drawing circles around the various objects attacking your evil sunflower. Once completed, these circles turn into bubbles. Tapping on your flower will cause him to spin his pedals around, creating wind currents which carry away the “enemies”. Once you lose all your pedals, the game is over. The wide variety of enemies ranges from squirrels to giant robots to aliens and more.

The game is currently in review at Apple and is slated to be released sometime during the week of October 14-21.


BIG BAD BRUSH inc., developer and publisher of iPhone games, is devoted to creating original and fun iPhone games for every user. Visit them on the web, twitter and Facebook.