zombie_hunter_iconZombie Hunter: Apocalypse is Genera Games most action-packed title to date and after releasing a game like Ramboat that’s saying something.

You’ll play as a hardened former marine who’s decided to fight back against the zombie horde in a variety of first person shooter battles.

And you’ll do so with popular zombie-murdering weapons like sniper rifles, crossbows, magnums, or even your favorite M16. The choice is yours.

There are five different environments to explore, including a city chock full of undead, an arctic wasteland, or an abandoned theme park.

You won’t just be running and gunning though, you’ll be firing a Gatling gun from a helicopter, launching missiles, and blowing up a variety of different genetically mutated pests.

Zombie Hunter App Store Screenshot 4

Each day you return you’ll earn a bonus reward like a bazooka on day five which can take out a whole group of zombies at once.

If you like creating content, you’ll also find a good home here as there’s a mission editor where you can create personalized missions that your friends can play.

Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse is out now in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

Download your copy of Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse below:

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