Over the last week or so, French developer Egg Ball has released the first 6 (in a series of 10) odd, stapstick-style videos featuring a human-sized Table Tennis paddle (named Paddle) chasing after a human-sized chicken (named Eggy). The ‘Paddle and Eggy’ films are to tease their upcoming iPad Table Tennis game, Table Tennis Soul Tournament. The title, while fully playable by four simultaneous players directly on the iPad itself using touch gestures, it also supports the ability for players to really get into the game and use their iPhones AS THEIR PADDLES. Though not necessarily a new idea, it looks like Egg Ball has put some really nice visuals and polish into ‘Table Tennis Soul Tournament’.

It’s all about control

The application “My Soul” is what allows players to use their iPhones as the paddles. It will be available with Table Tennis Soul Tournament on the AppStore for free. With it, you can synchronize your profile and get your OpenFeint world ranking without the need for the iPad need. This means that anyone who has an iPhone can now join a game and keep track of his or her profile and stats.

Main Features:
  • Play with your iPhone as a Ping Pong Paddle
  • A unique, graphically rich universe
  • Playable up to 4 players simultaneously and AI players allow for both singles and doubles matches with any combination of human players.
  • Unlock success, share your achievements with the world, and boost your high scores online with OpenFeint.


Teaser Videos