Mirror’s Edge is finally making it’s way to the iPhone next month! About an hour ago, on their official Facebook page EA Mobile posted this fan-made Mirror’s Edge art and announced that Mirror’s Edge would (finally) be coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch next month by attaching the following comment to the picture:

Check out this cool rendition of Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge painted by community member Shirley P. BTW, did we mention that Mirror’s Edge is coming to the App Store for iPhone & iPod touch in September?

After all this waiting and wondering (for nearly a year now) of when the title would finally be released on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, I must say that I’m a bit confused as to why EA Mobile would make such a HUGE announcement so stealthily. Perhaps it has something to do with Apple’s press conference scheduled for next month. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that Mirror’s Edge will launch in conjunction with the rumored 4th gen iPod Touch announcement on September 1st. EA Mobile usually has one title showcased during these events and I’m betting Mirror’s Edge will be that title!

Despite the delay, I am still REALLY interested in this title and I hope that it was worth the wait.