Apple has just recently released four new ads for the FaceTime video chat feature which is built into the iPhone 4. With the ads, Apple goes right for your heart and unless you don’t have a sentimental bone in your body, you’ll find these videos a bit moving (albeit a bit cheesy). Apple is appealing to a wide audience with the people featured in the ads spanning all manner of age, race and gender.

Really a brilliant piece of marketing, it will most assuredly pull in at least a few new iPhone 4 customers. Personally I’m hoping that this also helps fuel developers to come out with a PC version of FaceTime (which is open source) to replace my Skype, as it is often plagued with video freeze ups. Non-iPhone releases of FaceTime would also open the doors to video calls between iPhone 4s and PCs or even iPhone 4 and other handheld devices!

Check out the new ads below:


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