Chillingo just sent us information regarding some huge updates to both Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD, which will be going live today. Most importantly for any of you iPad owners that shelled out the extra $4 for the less-feature rich HD version, you will now be getting ALL of the existing content of the iPhone version (1.3.2) plus both versions will be getting additional BRAND NEW CONTENT:


  • 15 brand new levels
  • Exciting new themes (clouds/sky)
  • New Golden Egg levels
  • A level designed by Ethan, Rovio’s greatest fan
  • A Crystal update to better challenge others
  • Golden Egg page instructions
  • Clearly defined reward messages
  • Even more hours of feather-flinging fun!

iPad Upgrades to Ver 1.3.2

  • A new bird – the highly destructive Toucan!
  • 45 levels to destroy
  • Spectacular new themes
  • Golden eggs hidden throughout the game
  • Very exciting new features are on the way to the iPad – and iPad only!