Utopian Games has just released the following work in progress video of the upcoming port of their popular PC puzzle game Bumps to the iPhone platform. Bumps is a wonderful physics-based puzzle game, where you must place your little multi-colored ball-like creatures (called bumps) strategically on the screen, so when you press “GO!” and they fall, roll and bounce, each “bump” successfully captures the like-colored keys below. Unlock all the locks to rescue the imprisoned bumps and beat the level.

Having played through the 99-level PC version of the game, I am VERY excited about the thought of having this title available right in my pocket. Better still, is the news that the iPhone version of the game will feature some exclusive levels and new game mechanics. Bumps is currently scheduled to be submitted to Apple in the next month or so and I’ll definitely be doing a full review upon release.

If you want to check out the game for yourself, you can download a free trial version for the PC directly from Utopian Game’s website.