For a limited time, Glu Mobile has upgraded the FREE verion of their rhythm game Beat It! to include all the features of the full paid version. Beat It! is a Glu’s unique take on the music game genre. It’s part beat machine and part rhythm (re)creation challenge. Listen to a music track, lay down the notes and match the beat.

Game Features
  • 50 LEVELS THAT CHALLENGE THE SENSES: Boom, bass, bip, blip, beep, hit, groove, and glitch through puzzles that get more complex as you control multiple instruments
  • FIERCELY STYLIZED ENVIRONMENTS: Retro pixel-art backgrounds grow more eccentric as you move through the game
  • UNLOCK NEW INSTRUMENT SETS: Each environment unlocks new musical genres, including Electro, Hip Hop, House, and Rock
  • POWER-UPS: Activate “Bomb” and “Lock” power-ups to help beat the clock
  • CREATE YOUR OWN BEATS: In Freestyle Mode, use a variety of instrument sets to create your own grooves
Developer Tips & Tricks
  • Don’t try to solve all the instrument lines at once! Focus on individual sections of one instrument line first then go from there.
  • Beats often build upon themselves from one level to the next. Remembering what you did in a previous level should come in handy.
  • Briefly press and hold an instrument icon to mute the instrument from playback. This helps isolate the rest of the instrument lines.
  • Use headphones for the optimal listening experience. We mean it!


Gameplay Video