NAVIGON has dropped the price of their popular full-featured MobileNavigator for North America app to just $49.99. That’s an incredible savings of $30 and the lowest price that this app has ever been offered for. Meanwhile TomTom has actually just RAISED the price for their similar product(which had been on sale) back up to $69.99, making Navigon a better deal by $20!

Apparently there may also be some forthcoming promotions on Navigon’s “MyRegion” titles as well, which allow you to just purchase individual areas of the country (U.S. East, U.S. Central, U.S. West, which are usually $29.99 each) at a lower price point. While I don’t have any experience with either TomTom or Navigon on the iPhone, for $50 you can’t really go wrong and you’ll have full freedom to roam across the entire country (and Canada) for about 1/4 of what I paid for my last stand-alone GPS. If you were on the fence on this one, this would probably your best time to bite the bullet and grab it.

The sale is schedule to last a couple of weeks, until May 31.
For a full list of features, see NAVIGON’s official site.