Craneballs Studios, the folks behind hits like Blimp, 33rd DIVISION and Superfall are now hard at work on Moonrace. Monorace is fast-paced 2D side-scrolling racing game. You are the monobike rider and your goal is to avoid bumping into obstacles in an ever-accelerating game environment, while taking advantage of “fast lines” to be first in finish the race.

The game will include 50 levels spread across 10 (unlockable) townships (boroughs) and you’ll have your choice of three different characters (Gus, Jane and Big D). Openfeint integration will provide per-level leaderboards so you can compare results with your friends and challenge them in ghost races. A series of OpenFeint Achievements is also in the works.

I almost get a Canabalt feel for the game from the gameplay video, except these are speed races (with a finish line) instead of pure endurance. Monorace is set to release some time in June and it’s very likely Craneballs has yet another hit on their hands. You can expect a full review on AppAddict when the game is released.

A pile of screenshots have been included below as well as a fast-paced “work-in-progress” video. Craneballs notes that there is still lot’s of work to be done with menus, etc. as each borough will have its own background.


Work-In-Progress Gameplay Video