On May 15th, KlickTock will be following up their great debut hidden object game Super Search 60, with Doodle Find, a game in the same vein as Super Search 60 and one which shares the same addictive qualities. Much like Super Search 60, Doodle Find has you frantically searching for objects amongst a 9×7 grid populated with other randomly sorted (and oriented) objects. However, Doodle Find’s play time has increased to 90 seconds and now the gameboard is initially randomly staggered with ~30 objects, leaving 33 open squares. Slowly more objects are revealed, filling in the gaps as time passes. Finally, as the name suggests, Doodle Find’s object are all drawn in a “doodle” art-style.

The gameplay mechanics of both Super Search 60 and Doodle Find are nearly identical, but in case you are not familiar with Super Search 60 (shame on you!), the gameplay of Doodle Find is as follows… Thirty randomly placed and oriented objects will appear on the screen and message at the top of the screen will indicate which object (and the quantity of it) you must find. When you find the specified object, simply tap on it, it will disappear and you will see the quantity counter reduce. Once you’ve found the required number of this object, the message will change, telling you what new object you must find next. The faster you find the objects the bigger the combos! Objects of the same type are not necessarily the same color (or in the case of arrows, the same shape) as one-another, leading you to waste valuable time searching for a white skull, only to discover that the second one is actually black! As time goes by, the initially empty spaces on the board will get filled by new objects and spaces left when an object is found/removed will be filled by existing objects shifting on the screen. This means players who expect to succeed by relying solely on wrote memory, are severely mistaken as the gameboard is constantly in a state of flux.

The wiggling hint system after 10 seconds with no finds is present, as well as the ability to post your scores to the weekly global leaderboard via your Facebook account. Doodle Find is a completely free (ad supported) game, without any sort of usage limitations like the free version of Super Search 60 has. While playing, I couldn’t help but feel like this game could have been released as a new mode right within Super Search 60, instead of a completely separate game, but since it’s free I can’t really complain.

Once again, KlickTock has successfully taken a simple concept and formed a really fun and addicting game. If you are used to playing Super Search 60, then initial games of Doodle Find will feel very long since you now have 50% more time! Although, as the timer runs down and the grid starts to fill, your adrenaline will start pumping and your fingers just wont be able to move fast enough to tap the objects.

The “doodle” artwork is all very nicely done, with common objects that are, for the most part, easily distinguishable. I did have one “regionalization” issue which I’ve already reported to the developer. KlickTock is an Australian developer and I’m from the United States, so for a few of the game’s objects we use different terminology. For instance, what I would call a Band-Aid or (plastic) bandage was referred to as a “plasty” in the game. So it took me a bit of time to realize what the heck a “plasty” was and what I was looking for. Similarly the “torch” (or what I would call a flashlight) threw me for a bit of a loop was well.

In Conclusion

While its true that there Doodle Find is very similar to Super Search 60, I found that it offers its own unique set of challenges and strategy. Try it and I’m sure you will discover that Doodle Find offers a complimentary experience, despite the tremendous similarities. KlickTock has been able to once again find that wining combination of simplicity, creativity, entertainment and addictive “one-more-time” gameplay. Even if this game were not free, I would STILL highly recommend checking it out. Remember to grab your free copy this Saturday when the game releases.

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