Polish developer Pastel Games will soon be releasing a new top-down vertical plane combat shooter game titled Above & Below for the iPhone. The game takes place during WWI, casting players as a heroic German pilot. Battling through many difficult missions, players must try to help the the German army achieve victory in their campaign. By completing tasks, fighting enemy planes, tanks, turrets and even some bigger enemies, players attempt to become one of the most terrifying pilots of that time period…The Red Baron.

No details on pricing or exact release date are known at this time, but as soon as we get more information we’ll be sure to let you know. However, we do have a boatload of images and a gameplay video to share with you, which should give you a feel for Above & Below. As you will see in the media below, Pastel Games, has gone with a striking color on black & white motif for the game that really makes it stand out. From what we can tell, they game looks very similar in style and gameplay to Capcom’s top-down vertical scrolling airplane shooter, 1943: The Battle of Midway (which based itself in WWII).


Gameplay Video