Vonage has just released their Vonage Mobile for Facebook app, which allows you to make absolutely FREE worldwide VoIP calls to any of your Facebook friends. The caveat is that your friends must also have the app installed on their iDevice as well. Not a big deal considering the potential cost savings. The app appears to have a simple to use interface, looks like it could be a winner to me!

I haven’t tried the app yet, but to make calls, you simply login with your Facebook account’s user name and password, invite your friends, touch their Facebook ID in your Talk Free contact list (no phone numbers are needed) and start talking.


The app works anywhere you have 3G or Wi-Fi coverage – even overseas. There are no international calling fees or data roaming charges when on Wi-Fi, and you don’t use your cellular minutes. If you do not have an unlimited 3G data plan or Wi-Fi subscription, check with your mobile carrier, as charges may apply. When traveling abroad using the local 3G network, just be sure to have an international data roaming plan from your carrier to avoid excessive roaming charges.

Check out the video demonstration below: