For this week’s freebies, we’ve got maze racer, a endurance/distance game and finally our favorite genre, a physics-based puzzler.

Comet Racer – (Donut Games)

Thrust your boosters and watch out for the walls as you try to pilot your rocket through crazy rock-lined mazes. Race agaist the clock and reach the finish circle before time expires to succeed. There are 25 levels to challenge your skills and a global leaderboard to see how you stack up against the competition. Packed with powerups and suprises, Comet Racer is a fun little casual space-themed racing game.
(Regularly $0.99)


Flaboo! – (fluttermind)

Flaboo! is a cute vertical endurance/distance style game in the same vein as Doodle Jump. Tap, tilt and shake tyour iDevice to help Fat Chick bounce off clouds and get higher and higher. Tapping Fat Chick while he’s on a cloud will make him bounce and tilting your device will add a little “english”. Along the way you’ll collect keys to unlock additional bonus items and for evey 10m you travel, an additional 10 seconds are added to the clock. Once time runs out the game is over. Achievements and Global Leaderboards (for best height) are handled by OpenFeint.
(Regularly $0.99)


Bomb Master Physics Puzzler – (Ivan Starchenkov)

Demolition is the name of the game in the physics puzzler Bomb Master. In each of the game’s 40 levels using the selection of explosives at your disposal, you must try to level a bridge, whilst keeping the specified section clean of debris (or pieces of still standing structure) . You’ll earn money to buy more explosives and through trial and error you’ll quickly discover what each of the four types is capable of. The game has a neat blueprint theme and the physics engine feels quite realistic. There are two OpenFeint supported leaderboards, one for “Highest Demolition Score” and another for “Richest player“, allowing for different styles of play. If you are a fan of the game Implode!, then you’ll probably like this one as well. It is similar in many ways, but different enough to warrant a look.
(Regularly $1.99)