Critical Wave, the debut title by Netherlands-based developer Grannies-Games has just appeared on the AppStore for $2.99. The game is a geometric dual-stick shooter that (from early screenshots and gameplay video) appears to offer some fast-paced action and vividly colored eye-catching graphics.

The developer insists that Critical Wave brings an entirely new type of dual stick shooter experience to the iPhone platform by offering a large variety of enemies, each with a wide range of abilities and a nice selection of powerups and upgrades. Critical Wave promises to provide swarms of enemies, big boss battles and “endless waves of enemies that try to keep you constantly on your toes“. We’ll definitely be giving this one a closer look.

Game Features:
  • Upgrades,
  • Powerups,
  • Easy mode for the people looking for a smooth ride,
  • Hard mode for those who like a real challenge,
  • Integrated online leaderboards with real-time ranking,
  • Wave upon wave of enemies,
  • Mini-Bosses,
  • Mega-Bosses,
  • Explosions,
  • Tons of Bullets,
  • Quite likely the sharpest graphics to ever please your eyes on the iPhone,
  • Loads of fun
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