This week we thought we’d try something different, instead of just flooding you with loads of freebies (some of which are pretty junky) we’d try a “less is more” approach and just feature three of the best freebies, and here they are.

Blastwave – (Invictus Games)

Blastwave is a fun puzzle game offering 3 different game modes including Chain Reaction, Critical Mass and Collector. Each mode offers a fun a unique gaming experience. You control little creatures called Tittles, which live in a special fluid called Ooze B-50. Taking advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen, you must urge the Tittles where you want them to go by using your finger to make ripples in the ooze (like dropping a pepple into a pond). Cute graphics and appealing gameplay make this a fun freebie. (Regularly $0.99)

Sentinel: Mars Defense – (Origin8)

To celebrate the one year anniversary of its release, developer Origin8 has made their popular space-themed Tower Defense game Sentinel: Mars Defense, free for today ONLY. It’s war. Earth’s first off-world colony is fighting for survival against a savage alien onslaught. Mars is under siege and thousands of lives are on the line. Humanity’s only hope is you, the commander of the dropship Sentinel. Welcome to the future of Tower Defense! The game features great graphics and sound and a recent update added OpenFeint achievements. (Regularly $0.99)

Tiki Totems – (spokko)

Tiki Totem is a fun physics puzzle block destroying game. You must appease the Tiki Gods by carefully removing the specified number of blocks without letting the totem fall and hit the ground. The game features over 80 levels and OpenFeint integration with a boatload of achievements. The game is only free today as a part of the site. (Regularly $1.99)