Blood, guts, bullets and zombies abound in Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator, which has just recently been released by Jumbo Squid Productions. The game appears to be a tower-defense style game, challenging you to see how long you can last against infection as horde after horde of brain-hungry zombies attack.

Zogma features three distinct locations for you to defend, including a farm house (of course), a hospital and a surrounded diner car. While fending off zombies, you’ll earn money to purchase much needed weapons upgrades and defenses. The game features full Plus+ Integration for online leaderboards and achievements. Compete against your friends to see who can survive the most days from first infection!

Keep track of how well your country is holding up against the rest of the world via the Global Outbreak map. The passing of the days are reflected in a genuine night / day cycle and Jumbo Squid warns that if you think killing zombies by day seems difficult, then just wait till you try it by torch light!

From the screenshots and video we’ve seen, Zogma looks to have nice polished comic book style graphics, which are attributed to veteran cartoonist Rhys McDonald. Always willing to take down a few more zombies, this game has definitely peaked our interest and we plan on taking it for a spin once we get through some of our current backload of reviews.

For an introduction to the game’s control mechanics, see the official Zogma 101 – How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for Fun and Profit Guide, as well as the collection of screenshots and gameplay video we’ve provided below.

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To celebrate the game’s launch, Jumbo Squid Productions is currently running a couple of giveaways for a brand new iPod Touch, see their site for details.