Chillingo sent us over a veritable coffin’s-load of screenshots and a video of it’s upcoming 3D shooter, Vampire Origins.

The game puts you in charge of Van Helsing (Dracula’s nemesis) as he battles legions of underworld creatures. The folks at Chillingo are saying that fans of Diablo will feel right at home with Vampire Origins. Although, the game utilizes a simpler battle system style, having players to attack merely by tapping on their intended target, without the need to manage complex inventory and weaponry.

They have assured us that while this simplified gameplay style may sound boring, in actuality Vampire Origin’s fast-paced action does a nice job of balancing things out. The quickness and agility of your enemies doesn’t give you much wiggle room, and if you think about your next move too long, you’ll quickly regret it.

While the game’s main focus is on killing enemies, it also involves some puzzle solving and allows users to do a lot of exploration. Chillingo has already released a couple of great titles this year (Guerrilla Bob and Cogs) and we’re hoping that this streak continues, but I guess we’ll see when Vampire Origins is releases (soon).

Below are the screenshots as well as a nice gameplay video to whet your appetite.

Gameplay Video