Bloonfish_newstyle_1cUtopian Games (Tumble Jumble) sent us some info regarding their upcoming pickup and play-style, casual game titled BoomFish. In a nutshell, players must keep fish from touching by using their fingers to create “virtual waves” to push the fish apart. The game will include several gameplay modes to keep things interesting. The game is still in the early stages of production, but is being fast-tracked by Utopian Games and will be out in the fairly near future. We’re hoping BoomFish will offer more frantic fun from Utopian Games, and we’ll have a full review upon release.

Official Press Release:

Story / Gameplay

BoomFish_helpScreen_1aBoomFish are highly fragile if they touch anything they go Bang! Save the BoomFish by creating a virtual wave to push them apart and keep them safe.

Fed up of saving things? Why not try the Kamikaze mode and have fun blowing them up.
Like a challenge? Try the Endurance mode.



  • Easy pick up and play gameplay
  • 3 modes of play including Challenge, Endurance and Kamikaze!!!
  • Interactive environments
  • Watch out for crabs, mines and sharks
  • Collect treasures to find hidden secrets
  • Eye-catching vector comic book-style art and animations
  • Ear popping music and sfx
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Online high scores
  • Facebook Integration
Development Team

BoomFish_creditsScreen_1aConcept Design: Utopian Games
Art: Sprite Attack
Code: Mollusk
Music: Ben Reason