We recently had a chance to play a beta version of Makeshift Games’ upcoming multiplayer drawing & guessing game. It is somewhat reminiscent of Pictionary, where a player attempt to draw a particular puzzle on the screen, while the other players try to guess what the drawing is, by picking from a (multiple choice) selection of similar items. Depict was really a lot of fun to play and unfortunately our time with the game was much too brief. The game was just submitted to Apple and we hope this one gets through Apple’s firing review squad quickly so we can play some more.

Here is more info about the game direct from Makeshift Games:

Fans of Pictionary and, this is the game for you.

Depict is a unique multiplayer drawing game that tests players’ ability to solve simple drawing puzzles with friends and strangers.

In each round, a puzzle containing up to six words is presented to the drawer and the guessers.

The drawer’s job is to draw something that will get everyone else to guess the correct word. When guessing, the goal is to guess correctly before your fellow players to earn the most points.

Sound easy? You only get 1,024 jumbo-pixels and 30 seconds to do it.

  • Online multiplayer over WiFi, 3G and EDGE
  • Quick matches, private games, and solo play
  • Invite and play against your OpenFeint friends
  • OpenFeint achievements & leaderboards
  • New player drawings added to solo play every day
  • Constantly adding new puzzles

Whether you play solo, online with strangers, or with friends in the same room, Depict will keep you entertained for hours.

We’re planning to launch the game on sale for just $0.99 (%50 off regular price of $1.99).

Can’t wait for the launch? Play a mini-preview of the game online right now.