Frootrees (Tin Man Games)

frootreesFrootrees is a fast-paced ‘Froot‘ sorting game that will give your fingers a workout.  The game starts off having you sorting plums and apples, but as you progress, pears and then oranges are added into the mix.  The Froot grows on the (you guessed it) Frootrees and you must either quickly tap it, so it falls into the Frootbasket below, or and drag and let go of the Froot to toss it toward the correct Frootbasket.  Correctly sorting a Froot will earn you points, while incorrectly sorted Froots will result in a point deduction.  The more you get correct in a row, the more your score multiplier will increase.  Get one wrong and the points for each Froot will drop back down to the original point level.

Picking the Froot at just the right time will earn more points per Froot.  Pick to early, or too late and you won’t earn as many points.  Wait too long and the Froot will wither and die and fall off the tree onto the ground.   Once Froots hit the ground, the game is over.  Kids especially will love the game’s cute cartoon Froot.  The game is fast-paced and rather addicting, especially with a global high-score board (via AGON) and Facebook integration.  We’ve heard that a sequel is in the works  The game’s easy pickup and play style makes it perfect for anytime that you need a distraction for your little one or yourself.

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Super Water Bomber (Digital Chocolate, Inc.)

superwaterbomberAt its core, Super Water Bomber is a kid-friendly turn-based version of the classic game Cannon Fodder.  Utilizing your varied arsenal of water balloons, you attempt to blast bully gangs off the playground.  You move your guy back and forth on the screen, by tapping the arrow buttons on either side of the screen.  You can also adjust the angel of the toss, then press and hold on the balloon button until the power meter reaches the desired level.  Let go and watch the balloon(s) fly toward your target.

With 4 different locations, a fun mix of baddies, 128 levels and 9 different types of water balloons (including Jumbo, Sniper, TNT, Cluster and Timer balloons) Super Water Bomber offers a lot more variety than the games that inspired it.   The game has nice cartoon-style graphics, but the soundtrack wears thin fairly quickly.  There are both single-player and (up to 4-player) multiplayer game modes, via pass and play on the same-device.  With its simple controls and fun gameplay, this would be a great game for someone of any age and who knows, you may even learn a little physics at the same time. Note: Super Water Bomber is usually $2.99, we are not sure if its current $0.99 price tag is a permanent price drop or just a temporary sale.

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