We’ve just gotten word that Cobra Mobile (developers of iBomber and Low Grav Racer have just released a great looking new puzzle adventure game called Dots.

The game revolves around two dots, one has been launched into the past and the other has been hurled into the future.  It is your job to help them return to their proper times, by navigating them through a series of time portals. Using familiar touch and drag motions, you move both dots simultaneously on two side-by-side game boards.

The graphics looks fantastic and the game appears to be a good deal of fun. With forty levels of increasing difficulty and a pile of unlock-able bonus comics, wallpapers and more, Dots offers a good deal of entertainment for your $1.99.   Expect a full review on once we’ve had a chance to play through the game for ourselves.


Here is a Teaser Trailer for the game: