desert_fox_ea_splash_title_Shenandoah Studio has just revealed the first screenshots and details of its next historical strategy war game, Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein (formerly El Alamein).

The studio’s third title, Desert Fox is the sequel to their first hit, Battle of the Bulge and takes players to Northern Africa for this important World War II battle.

Here is the description from Shenandoah Studio:

Players command the Axis or Commonwealth in this crucial World War II battle in North Africa. Join Rommel and Montgomery in their back and forth struggle in the Egyptian desert. This conflict is often marked as a turning point in the war, as Winston Churchill once said, “Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat.” Can you outwit the Desert Fox as the Commonwealth or will you change history as the Axis?

desert_fox_ea_screenshot_1The game has been designed by the accomplished, Mark Herman, who is responsible for a number of award-winning area control / war tabletop games including Washington’s War and We the People.

Desert Fox will feature both a campaign mode as well as the studio’s brilliant asynchronous multiplayer gameplay and all the usual polish and fine little touches that the studio is known for. Shenandoah promises that Desert Fox will be easily accessible even if you haven’t played Battle of the Bulge

  • Campaign Mode: The new campaign mode gives players control in the lead up to the final battle. They make the choice to engage or hold for reinforcements making each campaign will be a whole new experience. The game also features scenarios based on key moments in the grand conflict.
  • Mines and New Terrain Features: Minefields litter the battlefield and can be placed strategically by players affecting combat and turning the tide of battle. New terrain features such as ridges and deirs come into play, providing cover and directing the offensives.
  • New Units to Command: Flak Guns and mixed Axis troops (German and Italian) provide new strategic choices.

The game is scheduled for release sometime this Spring.

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