We just spoke to Finn Ericson from Drömsynt (developer of Squareball) and he informed us that a new version of his retro-themed Squareball is currently in review and should be available on the App Store soon!  Here are the new features:

  • Amateur mode (40% slower ball)
  • Achievements on Pro mode (old ball speed)
  • Bonus stages rewarded by completing full worlds
  • Quickly restart stages
  • Most levels tweaked
  • OS 2.2.1 Support
  • Fixed a bug were death traps could rob you of multiple lives

Oh, perhaps most importantly..

The sale sticker is gone!

A free lite version of the game is available as well as the full version for $1.99.
Expect a full review on AppAddict once the new version has been released.

In case you are unfamiliar with Squareball, here is some footage: