Every Friday (when we remember) we will post information about one or two free apps that we either find especially useful, or really fun to play. This week’s app is Word Ace by Self Aware Games.


This a completely free online multiplayer game that combines aspects of both Scrabble and Texas Hold’em Poker. You compete against thousands of players online to spell the highest-scoring words. Each letter card is worth a certain amount of points (as in Scrabble), and you must use the two cards in your hand, combined with 5 common cards in the center of the table to form the best word you can. Betting is handled just like poker.

To keep the game moving, every time its your turn, you have a time limit during which to make your decision, to call, raise or make your final word, otherwise you automatically FOLD the hand.

The game is a lot of fun, but like any online word game, you always run into a few cheaters that have some website up that allows them to create insanely good words.

There is a Pro version available for $0.99, but it doesn’t have anything that you’d really miss in the free version of the game. In the Pro version you get, an additional 12,000 chips, the ability to do in-app purchases for additional chip packages and more, the word “Pro” added to the Word Ace logo and a 24K solid gold (colored) App Icon. A gameplay video follows below: