This Week’s Notable New Releases : Sonic, Ninjas & Plenty of Freemium Social Gaming

Mille Bornes

We’ll start things off this week with a few titles that look very promising, but who’s lack of online multiplayer might ultimately hurt them. The first of these is Mille Bornes®, which is available in separate iPhone and iPad releases. French for ‘a thousand milestones’, this is the classic French ‘road race’ card game that…


Hot Deals Available In Big Fish Games’ Summer Solstice Sale


Big Fish Games is currently running a Summer Solstice Sale promotion where all of their paid titles are 80% off ! However, the “80% OFF” is a little deceptive, because the apps are 80% off their original launch price, not 80% off the price they were just before the sale. I should note that the…


Casey’s Contraptions Gets A Hefty First Update


We just received word from Noel Llopis (Snappy Touch) that Casey’s Contraptions’ first update was just approved by Apple and is available on the App Store now. What started out as a minor update, ended up being fairly substantial, adding many of users’ most requested features. For instance, now users have the ability to share…


Zynga Adds Fun New Strategical Gameplay To An Old Classic


Zynga, the social gaming juggernaut that somehow was able to clone a game like Scrabble and make it equally as popular as the real thing. The company which got a whole new generation of gamers interested in chess, is back with their next “with Friends” game. This one, called Hanging With Friends, is Zynga’s take…


BulkyPix Announces Its iOS Summer Lineup


French developer and publisher BulkyPix sent over information regarding their Summer slate of iOS titles, consisting of Breitling Reno Air Races The Game (which was just released about an hour ago), Hills of Glory – WWII, Fruity Jelly and The Pirate King. Here are the descriptions of each of the games that we were sent…