A Preview of Zing Games’ Professional Police Training 2


Immediately upon reading the press release and seeing the rather professional promotional video for the game, I was taken back to some very enjoyable weekends at the arcade playing “Police Trainer” with light guns that were never calibrated properly. Inaccurate light guns aside, the game had a quarter-munching progression system that made you always want…


Run Roo Run Is Surprisingly Addictive, Creating That ‘One More Go’ Feeling

Run Roo Run! is an action platform game developed by 5th Cell, the developer of the well received Scribblenauts Remix. We reviewed Scribblenauts and really liked it, and if you look at Run Roo Run, you can really tell the similarities between the graphical looks of the two games with a definite 5th Cell theme…


Who Ya Gonna Call? Not Snap Ghost

Snap Ghost is yet another “augmented reality” app, The description of Ghost Snap says: “Great for tricks, pranks, or simply giving your friends a surprise! It’s free, fun and simple!” Well simple is right, but that’s about it. Ghost Snap is yet another “augmented reality” app, which in this case simply means “put semi-transparent digital…


Eleven Year-Old Boy Uses GameSalad To Develop App Ideas For Kids With Cancer


What were you doing with your spare time when you were Eleven years old? Reading? Watching TV? Playing video games? Going to the movies with friends? Well, in rural Pennsylvania, an eleven year-old boy named Conner Haines is developing Apps. Sure, we’ve all read stories of younger (and younger) kids developing apps, but what makes…


New At Eleven – Animals, Arsenals & Aquatic Adventures


We are just hours away from this week’s big new Thursday’s new releases. Kicking things off is GlitchSoft’s much anticipated release of Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, an action-packed Contra-esque bullet-ridden ‘classic’ arcade game. Who needs “↑↑↓↓←→←→BA” when you can equip yourself from a selection of seven high power weapons with infinite ammo and let the…