Retro Racing Will Appeal To Fans Of Both Modern And Nostalgic Racing Games

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been a fan of racing games, whether it be Pole Position or Super Offroad, they always help special appeal to me. Perhaps it was because I felt like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to or grown up, after all I wasn’t old enough to drive….


New Trailers For Upcoming iOS Titles: Momonga Pinball Adventures, The Journey Down & rComplex


Check out these great trailers for some upcoming iOS titles. Momonga Pinball Adventures – Paladin Studios Momonga Pinball Adventures is a cute and striking looking crossover between a pinball game (players hit a ball with flippers) and an adventure game. “Momonga avoids the typical look-and-feel of pinball games and creates a colorful world suitable for…


New At Eleven : Classics, Chores & Cardboard


Parents rejoice, this week’s first new notable Thursday release is the latest kid pleaser from those fun folks at Toca Boca. Toca House is an entertaining collection of domestic chore-theme mini games like mowing the lawn, doing dishes, ironing and more, along with a new crazy cast of diverse characters from the Toca Universe. If…


Every Day I’m Shufflin’ – Kevin Beimers Vs. The Zombie App-ocalypse


Well, thought I, since it’s the Month of Love, maybe I’d nip into the App Boutique on my way home and pick up a heart-shaped little something to put you, your girlfriend, and your iDevice into some sort of alternative experimental mood for threesome digital romance. But then, retorted I, who seriously says to themselves…


THQ Is Ready To Rumble With WWE® WrestleFest™ For iOS


Today THQ Inc. debuted WWE® WrestleFest™ for the iOS platforms. It is a “faithfully recreated 2-D experience for iPhone® and iPad® based on the well-known WWE arcade game made popular in the 1990s”. Take on all your favorite WWE/WWF players of past and present, selecting from a roster of current-day WWE Superstars, prominent WWE Legends…


Save A Few Washingtons & Lincolns As EA Mobile Celebrates Presidents Day With A 99¢ App Sale


Happy President’s Day! It’s time for another 99¢ sale from Electronic Arts. Celebrate the birthdays of our nation’s leaders and save a few Washingtons and Lincolns on some fun games…sounds like a great weekend to me. Trenches IIElectronic Arts$1.99 -> 99¢ Trenches II for iPadElectronic Arts$2.99 -> 99¢ SHIFT 2 UnleashedElectronic Arts$2.99 -> 99¢ SHIFT…