Tiny Wings Is Truly The Ideal Mobile Game


Life tends to have its highs and lows, ups and downs, and a rapidly setting sun that you must try to outrun at all costs. This zen-like concept seems to be the inspiration for Tiny Wings, a casual game for iDevices that features a little bird with a pair of titular “Tiny Wings” as our…

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PhotoStack Wallpaper Designer Gives Your iDevice A Personal Touch

PhotoStack Wallpaper Designer

If you’re like most people that have an iPod Touch, then you get tired of seeing the same background and lock screen picture. Eventually you will want to change it and when you do you’re most likely going to buy a wallpaper/background app. The problem with wallpaper apps is that when you have such a…

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Tap & Track Will Help You Watch What You Eat Even When You’re Offline


As a Water Polo player, I take my diet very seriously. I count my calories, watch what I eat, and make sure I burn enough every day. With that said, if you’re like me, Nanobit Software’s Tap & Track Calorie Tracker may interest you. Tap & Track provides a list of foodstuff as well as…

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Chillingo Releases Three New Games Today

Feed Me Oil_screenshot_1

It seems like every week, Chillingo has several more new titles to release, and this week they show no signs of stopping that trend, adding three new apps to their (already packed) portfolio. The first is Feed Me Oil, a physics-based puzzle game available in separate iPhone (99¢) and iPad ($1.99) releases. Players must use…


Godzilab Officially Announces iBlast Moki 2


French development studio Godzilab has just ‘officially’ announced that they are hard at work on a sequel to their fantastically creative physics based puzzle game iBlast Moki. While Godzilab is not revealing any details on Moki 2 just yet, they did post the following comment on their Facebook Page. iBlast Moki 2 is now running…


Got Young Kids? All of Toca Boca’s ‘Digital Toys’ Are Free Today!


Toca Boca is a fairly new Swedish game studio that specializes in making “digital toys” for kids. They believe that playing and having fun is the best way for kids to learn about the world. To that end, they create digital toys and games which help stimulate the imagination, and that parents can play together…