Turn Your iPhone Into A Laser Tag Gaming System – AppTag Kickstarter Campaign Ending Today


“AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones in the real world.” I love looking at Kickstarter to see what interesting ideas people have for iOS-related products and this funded Kickstarter campaign from Australian designer Jon Atherton allows users to transform their smartphone (or iPod Touch) into a real-world laser tag gaming…


New At Eleven : Rockets, Lemonade & Kidnappings Aplenty


Let’s start with what is most likely tonight’s most anticipated new release, Firemint’s Flight Control Rocket. Billed as “the next evolution of the #1 smash hit that launched a genre – Flight Control” this is the highly anticipated sequel with all new gameplay elements, retro Sci-Fi graphics and even MULTIPLE LIVES! This will be a…


We’re Crazy About Twiitch And Chillingo’s Coco Loco™

Angry Birds’ effect on the iPhone market was similar to that of a virus, with wave after wave of clones forced upon us, and now the latest, Coco Loco is attempting to entice us into the world of slingshots and topple physics. Luckily, Coco Loco is not just up to the task of taking on…


Prince of Persia Classic Stays True To Its Roots, But Adds A Swanky New Look

My own first experience with the classic Prince of Persia was with the Game Gear incarnation, and I remember being impressed with the incredible animation on the main character and innovate gameplay. So, does the Prince of Persia still make an impression in this HD iPad version of the original, or has he aged poorly?…


Pebble Universe Is An Adorably Addictive Little Puzzle Game

As the saying goes…he who be-ith attacked by one-eyed monsters shalt cast the first stone (or something like that right). Today marks the launch of Pebble Universe“. Big Pebble – “Greater size and a heavy body makes this champ a good wingman to the normal Pebble”. Sniper Pebble – “Great range and high precision makes…


League of Evil 2 Is A Hugely Engaging Platformer

League of Evil. The name is enough to send small shivers of excitement through me. The app was an expansive, difficult platforming game whose touch controls remain unbeaten in terms of accuracy and ease of use. It had it all: deadly obstacles, lengthy wall jumps, impossibly engaging gameplay. Well, a new game has stepped into…