Namco’s iOS Release of Soul Calibur Fails To Live Up To Its Legacy

I have a confession to make before we go into the full review of Soul Calibur for iPhone; that I am a massive fan of the series with huge expectations for this new iPhone release. To get across my slavering hunger for Soul Calibur to you, I should tell you that this is the first…


Ticket To Ride Pocket Gets Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode Via Game Center

DOW Logo

Some of you may recall that the only negative I mentioned in my review of the iPhone release of Days Of Wonder’s boardgame app Ticket To Ride Pocket was that “the lack of online multiplayer is a bit disappointing”. Well…happy day! Prepare to turn that frown upside-down, because Days Of Wonder has just released an…

CONTINUE READING → Has Joined The Ranks of The Qualityindex


Before the folks at meta critic decided to follow iOS apps, several smaller sites opened up in this niche market. One of my personal favorites of these meta score sites is Qualityindex. I’m proud to say that our site’s review scores are now being included as part of Qi’s meta scores along side some really…


New At Eleven : Golden Retrievers, Gorillas And Power Slides


This week it seems to be all about the FREEMIUM. Over half of our featured Thursday new releases are free-to-play titles from CAPCOM, G5 Entertainment, Big Pixel Studios, Everplay Interactive and even Chillingo. Big Pixel Studios’ Off The Leash is a one-handed tilt controlled game where you are a dog trying to out-run the cops…


Check Out These Trailers For Upcoming Thursday New Releases Kids vs. Goblins & Reckless Racing 2


Check out these trailers for the new games from Stolen Couch Games/Crescent Moon Games and Polarbit/Pixelbite hitting the app store on Thursday. First off, Polarbit and Pixelbite will be releasing Reckless Racing 2, the sequel to their awesome top-down racer. The graphics, once again look amazing! According to Polarbit’s twitter feed, the price will be…