New At Eleven : Monsters, Foliage & Saturday Morning Cartoons


Let me start by apologizing for the brevity of this week’s New At Eleven post. With tomorrow being both my daughter’s birthday and the kick off of PAX East-related events I have a lot of things pulling for my attention. So let’s get down to it… First up this week is Toca Kitchen Monsters, Toca…


New Tracks, Push Notification Badges & Even Snow Coming In The Next Disc Drivin’ Update


Disc Drivers rejoice, I’ve just gotten word that a big update for Disc Drivin’ was submitted to Apple last week and that it should be arriving on the App Store soon. Maybe even within the next couple of days TONIGHT!. It’s been about 5 months since we’ve seen an update for the amazingly addictive Disc…


VooMote Zapper Updated With iCloud Support For Ease Of Use Across Multiple iDevices


Last December,, launched their VooMote Zapper, a universal remote control dongle that attaches to your iDevice via the standard 30-pin dock connector port. It works along with a FREE companion app to allow users to transform nearly any iDevice into a full-featured and customizable universal remote control. In a household with multiple individuals, each…


The Playa™ Case Offers Protection For Both iPhone And Its User That is At Least 98% Effective


Melbourne Australia-based Annex Products, first made a name for itself with its Kickstarter supported, Opena® iPhone 4 case, which featured a slide-out bottle opener giving you easy access to a frosty beverage anytime you needed it. Well Annex Products is back with the all-new Playa™ Case which they claim offers “ultimate protection for the iPhone…


Ill-Chosen Tweet Storm Marketing Scheme Reveals Sinecure Might Be Gaming The iTunes Review System


Earlier this morning I was the unwitting recipient of a storm of spam tweets from Sinecure Industries’ Michael Mizov (@MikeMizov). Only one of the 50+ tweets @MikeMizov spammed out thus far (it is still continuing), was actually directly addressed to me: @OTGGamer Hi Brett, you don’t seem to be very addicted to @SinecureInd ‘s apps….


iOS Devs Discount 50+ Apps In Honor Of World Autism Awareness Day


Today (April 2nd) is World Autism Awareness Day. To celebrate the event, a number of iOS app developers are offering BIG discounts on their apps, some of which are completely FREE! Whether it be yourself, a family member, co-worker or friend, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has not been effected…