Video Review: Belkin Snap Shield For The New iPad

This is my review of the newly revised and released Belkin Snap Shield for the New iPad. I saw a whole bunch of these at Best Buy and decided to pick one up to try out with my Smart Cover as I do indeed enjoying rocking it sometimes. It’s simply a rear protection accessory. Anyway,…


The Portable Podcast – Katniss, A Tentacled Monster & Irate Intergalactic Fowl


This week, I made a triumphant return to The Portable Podcast (Episode 130). Okay, well maybe it was just your everyday average return, but I was back to discuss several of last week’s big new releases including Hunger Games: Girl on Fire, rComplex and Angry Birds Space. On the show Carter also interviews Chin Nuttapong…


Gear Review: The MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case For iPad 2 / iPad (2012)

If you are anything like me, then the thought of carrying around a naked $700+ brand new iPad is enough to trigger cold sweats. Within two days of receiving my new iPad I knew I needed a case ASAP or I was gonna lose it. Going up and down the stairs at home I held…


Video Review: SwitchEasy CANVAS For The New iPad / iPad 2

Yay! My first case review for the brand new iPad. Today we’re taking a look at the redesigned SwitchEasy CANVAS folio case for the brand new 3rd Gen iPad (an iPad 2). I know that a number of people had issues with the plastic shell cracking on last year’s model, but for what it’s worth,…


Big In The Eighties – Kevin Goes Retro


Okay, imagine for a moment that you’ve grown up in a trailer park, in a dystopian future (as if the trailer park alone wasn’t dystopian enough for you). One fateful day, upon the death of an all-powerful technology magnate, a worldwide challenge is issued, pitting men and women, young and old, in a hunt through…