‘Slingshot Racing’ Coming Soon From Crescent Moon & Snowbolt Interactive


Crescent Moon Games has announced they will be releasing their first racing game, an iOS exclusive called Slingshot Racing. Developed by Snowbolt Interactive, the game will feature “revolutionary controls that are easy to pick up but difficult to master”. With stunning graphics (see the screenshots below), solo races against AI competitors, as well as a…


Sugar High Is More Than Just Another Tiny Wings Clone

Tiny Wings was definitely an iOS game that I sank a lot of hours into. Like Angry Birds, Tiny Wings was able to take simple mechanics and turn them into addictive gameplay that kept me coming back to the game. It wasn’t just that playing Tiny Wings was enjoyable. It really was that sense of…


Burger Cat Tastes A Little Undercooked

When I saw that Ravenous Games, the team behind the wonderfully entertaining League of Evil series, was creating a puzzle game I had high expectations. Burger Cat is a logic puzzle game where you are given a collection of tools to assist a cat in making it safely to his delicious cheeseburger waiting for him…


Video Review: Chinao Wheat Case And Croc Case for iPad (3rd Gen)

Another day, another review! This time were taking a look at the Chinao Wheat case and Croc skin case. These offer the same design, but a different texture and look to the outside cover. I loved the Wheat case for the iPad 2 and love the revisions they’ve done to this new iPad 3rd gen…


iLineup HD Is Not Quite Ready For The Majors

iLineUp HD is app designed to assist baseball coaches and/or players to quickly create and manage a player lineup. Let me preface this review by saying I’ve never actually coached a baseball team, but I have certainly played the game. You can enter in your list of players, assign their field positions and even setup…


Noodlecake Studios Has Developed Tech To Allow iOS Devs To Port Apps To Android Quickly & Virtually Painlessly


Should I or Shouldn’t I? It is one of the biggest questions that many indie iOS developers will ask themselves regarding porting their app to Android. All too often leaping before checking the depth of the waters below, not really thinking of all the outside costs of both time and money, the need for test…