Godzilab Officially Announces iBlast Moki 2


French development studio Godzilab has just ‘officially’ announced that they are hard at work on a sequel to their fantastically creative physics based puzzle game iBlast Moki. While Godzilab is not revealing any details on Moki 2 just yet, they did post the following comment on their Facebook Page. iBlast Moki 2 is now running…


Got Young Kids? All of Toca Boca’s ‘Digital Toys’ Are Free Today!


Toca Boca is a fairly new Swedish game studio that specializes in making “digital toys” for kids. They believe that playing and having fun is the best way for kids to learn about the world. To that end, they create digital toys and games which help stimulate the imagination, and that parents can play together…


Fresh Yet Familliar, Velocispider Revives The Classic Arcade Shooter

With their newest game Velocispider, developer Retro Dreamer really lives up to its name, capturing the sights, sounds, feel, action, competitiveness and most importantly…fun, of a classic arcade shooter. A test of reflexes, memorization and luck, Velocispider quickly feels like a an old friend that you haven’t seen for a few decades. Although, one thing…


Silent Film Director Is FREE For 24 Hours To Celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday


Today, June 1, MacPhun is making their popular Silent Film Director app FREE for 24 hours to celebrate the birthday of one of the silver screen’s most iconic starlets, Marilyn Monroe. The app lets you create your own silent films, complete with title cards and music, so grab the app now and explore your creativity….

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We’re Giving Away MORE Free Copies of Kalimat

Exciting things are happening in the world of Kalimat right now! First and foremost, the publisher, AppsArabia, is running a HUGE iTunes Gift Card and iPad 2 giveaway right now and you can get all the details for that right here. Also, for the entire duration of their contest, the paid version of Kalimat is…

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Body Fitness Offers A Great Beginner’s Guide To Getting Fit


So you’ve decided to stop being addicted to your iDevice apps and games? So you’ve decided to stop being a couch potato and get rid of that swelling belly? So you’ve decided to do something about your decreasing fitness levels after realizing that climbing stairs renders you breathless? So you’ve finally decided to hit the…

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