MOGA_PrintLogo_Combination_4c_Reverse copyAfter what seems like months of waiting since Apple added iOS controller support, and sadly, no fanfare from Apple themselves, MOGA is the first to release their official iOS Game Controller, the MOGA ACE™ POWER, to the eagerly awaiting hands of iOS mobile gamers.

Quite literally a game changer, it’s really unclear why Apple didn’t formally announce this and other iOS game controllers at the iPad event last month, but that aside we are super excited that these devices are now available for purchase, and especially from a huge name like MOGA.

HE449_AV6MOGA is responsible for some of the best and most popular mobile game controllers on the Android platform and now they bring their years of expertise to a rather compelling looking offering for iOS gamers. Their MOGA ACE™ POWER game controller is designed to work with any iPhone 5/c/s and iPod touch (5th gen) running iOS 7 and delivers the tangible feedback and precision control that console gamers have longed for on iOS platforms. While touchscreen-based interfaces work well in many situations, for some genres (first-person shooters especially) there is no real substitution for a couple of analog sticks and some hard buttons.

The MOGA ACE™ POWER features a unique portable design that expands to play and collapses to easily fit in pockets and bags. The ACE POWER transforms the mobile gaming experience with console-style controls. It allows gamers to secure their iPhone or iPod touch in the MOGA Arm™ with S.M.R.T. Lock™ technology, gaining peace of mind for their gaming sessions. The ACE POWER connects via the Lightning connector, and features dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons, a D-pad, and four action buttons-all the controls needed for precision gaming.

HE449_AV2Aside from its super-appealing Xbox-style controller layout, the MOGA ACE™ POWER also features a built-in 1800 mAh battery “along with MOGA BOOST™ technology” so that is charges your iOS device during gameplay, allowing you to game longer and use your device for other things throughout the day as well.

Leading up to the MOGA ACE™ POWER’s release, loads of iOS games have already been updated to support Apple’s new ‘Made for iPhone’ controller framework and now that the hardware is available for purchase, “MOGA anticipates a flood of game developers to take advantage of controller support”.

MOGA controllers were built for real gaming by real gamers,” said Eric Bensussen, President and Co-Founder of PowerA. “We’re excited to deliver MOGA ACE POWER to iPhone and iPod touch users in time for the holidays and have them experience the precision, console-style controls that promise to revolutionize the gaming experience on these devices.

The MOGA ACE™ POWER is available for $99.99 at Apple Retail Stores, from, or at