flick-kick-football-legends_697996579_ipad_02It is another big night for iOS gamers, with some big iOS strategy board games, fun puzzle games and humorous action arcade games.

New Zealand developer PikPok kicks things off this week with the latest installment in their Flick Kick Football franchise, Flick Kick Football Legends. This free-to-play game takes players back to the 70’s as you hit the pitch and try to “attack, defend, score goals and save shots”, building and managing your team in this unique comic-book style first person soccer game.

Legend of Equip Pants is a humorous 8-bit, episodic RPG, with a twist. You see instead of a traditional RPG where players quest and grind to upgrade their swords, in Legend of Equip Pants “you have to equip and upgrade your pants”. The game consists of several 15 to 20 minute quests which can be played and replayed until you complete 100% of the content in each. Looks like a fun take on the genre.

It is possible that Oktagon Games’ free-to-play 3D action strategy game Armies & Ants will be getting a worldwide release later today. This entertaining looking game has players battling against one another’s insect armies, while defending their own Colonies and fighting for resources with which to unlock new heroes, train troops and reinforce colonies. As you play, your Ant Queen “evolves to defend your Colony and provides new defensive and offensive technologies”. Check out on the trailer on page 2 of this post for a peek at the gameplay, it looks like some real chaotic fun.

clumsy-ninja_561416817_ipad_01First displayed on stage at Apple’s WWDC event way back September of last year, Clumsy Ninja is an interactive toy / rag doll character that you can train and interact with using over 70 different items. It comes from NaturalMotion, the studio who brought us the brilliant Backbreaker Football game series. I’m not sure why this took so long to arrive state-side, but this might be a fun little time waster, however it has a quite a few moderately priced in-app purchases, so you probably want to make sure to have your device locked down if you are giving this app to a child to play with.

Onto the paid apps…

Bulkypix is back this week with Give My Ball Back. A little boy’s favorite ball has gone missing in his wardrobe and he goes inside looking for it (this sort of thing usually doesn’t end well). In each of the game’s 40 levels you must (in Rube Goldberg fashion) figure out the correct order in which to activate the variety of objects and or creatures in the room to successfully get the boy’s ball back without getting caught by the shadowy thief.

space-chicks_705648986_ipad_02While Crescent Moon Games had a slight misfire with last week’s FPS, they are back in proper form with Space Chicks, a tongue-in-cheek endless platformer in which you play a small astronaut trying to rescue as many of the kidnapped damsels as you can. Jump from planet to planet, dodging aliens, cannon balls, firey blasts and more using a simple one touch control scheme. The game features a fun floaty gravity physics to it that make it a pretty pleasurable little high scoring game. This might be a fun one to play while waiting in line for all those Black Friday sales next week.

Chillingo adds another physics-base puzzle game to their catalog. In Let Me Loose players try to help a “troublemaking amoeba escape from a laboratory”, tilting their device to move him around. However he wont get very far due to a wide variety of obstacles and lab equipment that is in his way, so you must interact with the environment, flipping switches and sliding things out of the way to give the amoeba safe passage.Looks like a good test of your multitasking abilities.

numerity_687075219_01Numerity is a rather interesting and unique iOS exclusive from Zedarus Entertainment, developers of the game Blueprint 3D. There is a picture hiding among a cluttered series of numbers, waiting to be discovered. By finding and highlighting the correct numerals you will reveal the hidden image. It is unclear exactly how this is done, but the developer claims it will help ‘challenge and develop your concentration, math, and memory skills’. Sounds like fun to me, but I’m a bit of math geek. Numerity is available at a special 50% off launch price for a limited time.

Indie iOS developer Jared Bailey’s latest game Zombie Volcano seemed to be getting a lot of pre-release praise (at least in my twitter circles). A game designed to satisfy both your appetite for destruction and test your reflexes at the same time. You are a Volcano zombie who’s only goal is to go faster and farther and to do so, you must slam into items on the ground for fuel. This is done simply by tapping on the screen. Fuel sources can be anything from pineapples to palm trees, vehicles to tourists. It seems like one of those types of games you’ll either really love its absurdity or think is just dumb, check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

tumbling-timmy_689090197_ipad_01I threw Tumbling Timmy in here because it kind of reminded me of one of those maze toys I had as a kid where you had to flick your wrist just right to get the ball to its destination. In this game you drag, swipe, flick to get the little ball (Timmy) through the circular maze of obstacles to reach the finish hole. The developer, Hub Labs warns that shouldn’t let the “chill, smiling cartoon mislead you, Tumbling Timmy is a very challenging game”.

One title that I really enjoyed from PAX East earlier this year was an iOS port of a PC adventure game called Gemini Rue. Rue was a rather pleasant surprise and now the developer, Wadjet Eye Games, has re-mastered and ported another of their PC titles to iOS, The Shivah: Kosher Edition. This one follows the adventures of Russell Stone is a Jewish rabbi who sets out to discover the truth when he is left a sizable sum of money by an estranged member of his congregation who died mysteriously. Sounds a bit like Father Dowling mysteries with a Jewish lead…I’ll probably be picking this one up.

steam-punks_669596633_ipad_02Steam Punks is a rather cool looking action RPG platformer “inspired by classics SNES games like Mega man X”. With an eclectic collection of weapons with names like Mortar-Blade and The legendary Alchemy Gun, Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan is on a mission to take down the Bowler Gang and get back Professor Clout’s stolen invention, The Grand Reactor. Like any hero worth his salt, he has a collection of masks, each of which bestows a unique power on Calhan. I was a bit let down by the controls on this developer’s previous game HEAVY sword, but I believe I saw him quoted as saying he’s learned a lot since then, so I have high hopes for this one.

Perhaps I’m dating myself, but remember those Tamagotchi egg things that were popular a while back? Well the new app Hatch is a more modern virtual pet in that same vein, where you raise, take care of and nurture your growing pet Fugu. My virtual pets always seem to die of neglect, so I’ll probably be skipping this one myself, but I can see this being a fun one for the kids, especially if they claim they are ready to take care of a real pet and you don’t want an annoying Furby in your house.

touchgrind-skate-2_720068876_ipad_01Illusion Labs revisits their popular open-world finger-baording game with a sequel, Touchgrind Skate 2. This time around it is a universal app and offers a new array of tricks to learn, better physics, better camera and a new more expansive park. Whether you are just freestyling or competing against your friends in a turn-based multiplayer game of S.K.A.T.E, you can export video clips of your exploits and show them off to your friends.

Finally, it is an especially good night for iOS strategy board game lovers with two REALLY GOOD huge new titles, Lords of Waterdeep and Drive on Moscow.

Lords of Waterdeep is Playdek’s iOS port of the award-winning Dungeons & Dragons turn-based strategy tabletop game. JP’s full review of this will be appearing on the site tomorrow, but let’s just say he thought it was fantastic and it has all of the polish and single and multiplayer features that you’ve come to expect from a Playdek iOS board game title.

drive-on-moscow_674650763_ipad_01Drive on Moscow, is a sort of sequel to Shenandoah Studio’s excellent Battle of the Bulge. In this new historical turn-based strategy war game you are in command of the largest battle of World War II, either defending your homeland as the Soviets, or leading the charge to seize Moscow as the Axis. The game play mechanics are nearly identical to those used in Battle of the Bulge and you’ll quickly find yourself immersed not only in the throes of war, but the game’s engaging presentation of historical facts. My General-ing skills are abysmal, but I am having a good deal of fun with this one as well. My review should be up soon as well.

And that’ll do it for this week.
Please leave a comment below letting us know which of these games (or other new releases) that you’ll be picking up this week.

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