angry-birds-fight!_933958078_ipad_01After WWDC taking the main stage for Apple earlier this week, it was a fairly light week for new releases, but there were still a few standouts worthy of some attention.

Kicking things off this week, is a somewhat different (and I suspect polarizing) new title in the Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Fight!. Borrowing a crafting element from the previously released Angry Birds Epic, Fight is a match-3 game where you have a timed period to make matches, which in turn powers ups your bird to (automatically) fight his opponent. You can level up your individual birds and buy them new It’s a curious departure for the franchise, and it’ll be interesting to see how fans react.

Try Harder is an iOS port of adult swim’s irreverent endless runner, where the corpses of your previous attempts can be used to help you get further and further on subsequent attempts. If at first you leave a corpse…it will help you try, try again.

green-ninja-year-of-the-frog_994210330_ipad_01.jpgNitrome is back this week with Green Ninja: Year of the Frog, a classic find the correct order of movements puzzle game, with a cute and rather unique amphibian ninja theme. You must plan out your attacks (order of swipes) to safely navigate each level while taking out your foes, new elements are introduced periodically as you progress, which keeps things interesting.

Combining some elements of a traditional tower defense game, with the ability to reposition your “towers” to other points on the fly, the popular Android title, Zombie Defense arrived on iOS courtesy of Teyon. If you need to brush up your zombie fighting skills before the inevitable zombie apocalypse, then pick this one up and see if you have what it takes to hold your own.

prehistoric-mystery_995918796_ipad_02.jpgHow about something a little more cheery for the kids? SlimCricket is back this week with Prehistoric Mystery, another of their fun interactive titles for kids. This one focuses around, Lucy, a young prehistoric detective girl who, with the help of her pet bird Dodo, is trying to solve a series of thefts which have caused the various tribes in her camp to fight with each other. There are a number of mini games like balancing a rolling stone, rekindling a fire, and obstacle course and more including “touching, sliding, shaking and lots of other ways for your child to take an active part in the story.” The app is on a special 50% off launch sale ($1.99) for a limited time.

Speaking of “taking an active part in the story”, Cartoon Network has just released their very first Adventure Time Appisode, Furniture and Meat. Based on the eighth episode of the sixth season of the wildly popular animated series, players get to tap, tilt, swipe and shake to interact with Finn the human and Jake the dog as the full-length episode plays out with the duo trying to spend all of their treasure in the Wildberry Kingdom. I and my daughters love the whole Appisode concept as it makes you feel like a part of the show. While Adventure Time is not a series we watch regularly, I am thrilled to see it come to the Appisode format as I think it’s a perfect fit for this show , and the app is entertaining.

infection-humanitys-last-gasp_992461816_ipad_01.jpgHexWar Games offers iOS gamers another digital strategy tabletop gaming experience this week with their port of Victory Point Games’ 2013 solitaire, dice rolling, virus eradication strategy game, Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp. “You are the director of the Department of Plague Control (DPC) field office in New York City” and you must build a team of researchers to help you complete your vaccine, eliminate a an evolving virus and save mankind. While I’m not personally familiar w/ the source material, it is a fairly well-regarded and thematic solitaire game. I’m thinking I may have to pick this one up.

Walk softly and carry a big badass Transistor sword…

Bastion creator Supergiant Games, LLC, has released our final notable new release of the week, Transistor.This Sci-Fi-themed action RPG features one of the coolest weapons ever, as well as the returning voice talent of Logan Cunningham, this time voicing the mysterious Transistor sword itself. Released last year on Steam, Transistor iOS port was a bit of a pleasant surprise..

transistor_948857526_ipad_02Set against the backdrop of a futuristic city, you take on the role of Red, a mysterious woman who is wielding an equally as mysterious sword-like weapon, The Transistor, the origin of which is unknown. Your weapon can be customized with over 1000 different possible combinations of abilities as you unlock new and exciting functions. The game’s story unfolds as you explore and fight your way through the large cityscape. The mobile release also features an all-new intuitive touch control system for laying out your pre-programmed moves and makes the game even more engaging. It’s a real treat to see this one make its way to iOS.

And that’ll do it for this week, enjoy your weekend.

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