Prepare to be Judged!

Australian game development studio, Tin Man Games, has just announced a deal with Rebellion® to create the first-ever interactive digital gamebook based on the popular 2000 AD® character, Judge Dredd®.

Rebellion®, who publish both 2000 AD® and Judge Dredd® Megazine, are excited about the partnership and the prospects of bringing Dredd’s adventures in Mega-City One to a new medium. 2000 AD® editor, Matt Smith said, “It’s great to see Dredd coming to digital platforms like the iPhone and iPad”.

Utilizing their successful and well-established Gamebook Adventures technology (with seven titles already under their belt), Tin Man Games will be working closely with members of the same Rebellion® team responsible for the most recent Judge Dredd® tabletop role-playing game to develop the title. “We’re privileged to be working with a great group of writers and artists that really understand the Judge Dredd® universe”, said Creative Director, Neil Rennison.

The, (still to be titled) Judge Dredd® gamebook will be available to download from the App Store in Q2 2012 for $4.99. It is also scheduled to make an appearance on Android platforms later in 2012.

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