Shenandoah Studio’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’ Adds Universal Support and Goes On Sale For 40% Off

John Butterfield’s historically accurate and award-winning turn-based strategy wargame, Battle of the Bulge, has just received a big v2.0 update which adds Universal app support, some additional localization and a Player’s Guide with strategy tips from some of the game’s top players. If you are unfamiliar with Battle of the Bulge, it first got its…

Team Fortress 2-ish Looking Free-To-Play Strategy Game ‘RAD Soldiers’ From BRINK™ Developer, Splash Damage Is Debuting On iOS First

BRINK™ developer Splash Damage along with new British publisher WarChest™, have just announced a new upcoming game called RAD Soldiers™, a turn-based multiplayer strategy title for smartphones and tablets and initially released exclusively on iOS in June 2012. RAD Soldiers™ is set in London shortly after mysterious McGuffin Rockets land, leading to a city-wide evacuation….