IUGO’s New Physics-based Puzzler, Blasts onto AppStore Soon!

IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. has announced an upcoming demolition physics-based puzzler titled, Implode!. The game looks like it'll have lots of explosions and...

Hands On Preview : Clickgamer’s Genius Defense Force

If you thought doing simple arithmetic in your head was difficult before, imagine trying to remember the order of operations and your multiplication tables...

Frootrees Halloween Edition Gets Apple’s Nod of Approval Just In Time

Like a death row prisoner waiting for a last minute pardon from the Governor, Tin Man Games waited with baited-breath to find out if...

Zombie Attack! Second Wave Has Arrived

Just In Time for Halloween Grab your machete and run! To the App Store that is. Zombie Attack! Second Wave has hit. The elaborate sequel...

IUGO’s Star Hogs Gets a Major Update

The newest revision of IUGOME's popular Star Hog's game was stuck in the Apple review queue for nearly 3 months, but has finally surfaced...

Get Flipt by InstantAction This November

Next month InstantAction will be releasing a fun-looking puzzle game, with a twist (quite literally). Players tilt their device to shift the game's perspective, turning floors in ceiling and walls into floors. The gameplay looks somewhat reminiscent of SHIFT or TURN, but with a big step up in graphical fidelity. From the screenshots, the graphics look pretty stunning, so we are exiting to check this one out when it gets released.

Chillingo and Tetraedge are back with a Jules Verne Sequel

Tetraedge Games is back with publisher Chillingo Ltd. to release a sequel to their popular game Jules Verne's Return to Mysterious Island which came out earlier this year.

Monkeys In Space : First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Today we finally get our first look at screenshots and actual gameplay footage for Streaming Colour's upcoming path-drawing game, Monkeys In Space : Escape To Banana Base Alpha. For all the latest news on this title, check out the official development blog or follow @BananaBaseAlpha on Twitter.

More Details Emerge for Gameloft’s Chuck Norris : Bring On The Pain

Gameloft just sent us new details on its upcoming Chuck Norris themed game titled “Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain”.

Gameloft Teases Upcoming Chuck Norris Game

Gameloft just sent us this teaser trailer for an upcoming Chuck Norris themed game titled “Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain”.