The second-annual PAX Unplugged event will be kicking off in just a few short days from November 29th to December 1st in Philadelphia, PA. and I’m excited to be attending the show again this year.

This year since there isn’t a conflict with BGG Con, there is an even more impressive number of exhibitors at the show and there are amazingly even some tickets still available, so if you want to go, I highly recommend doing so.

While, unlike other PAX events which over a mix of analog and digital gaming, PAX Unplugged focuses strictly on tabletop gaming. Check out the full schedule of events here.

However, that didn’t stop me from finding loads of things to cover last year with a great mix of app-assisted, app-augmented and/or digital board games at the expo to talk about.

Chronicles of Crime – Lucky Duck Games
The lines between digital and analog gaming are constantly blurring, with Companion apps to help streamline things like stats and score keeping, Apps as integrated components which enhanced the gameplay, adding new variety, variable elements or they might outright eliminate the need for a human player to be the game master and Digital ports – digital implementations of cardboard tabletop games which allow for play on a mobile device or PC, AI opponents and competition against other players around the world.

We want to see your app-assisted, app-augmented and/or digital board games at PAX Unplugged!

If you are a game publisher or designer and are going to be attending PAX Unplugged, we would absolutely love to get a look at any app-assisted, app-augmented and/or digital board games that you might be working on.

Even if you may not have these available on the show floor, if you have a mobile device with a beta build, we’d love to set up some time to get a peek at what you have in the works.

Please get in touch with us either via email at or using our contact form.

Hope to see you at the show!

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