It’s early November…so that means it is time to order your tickets for PAX East 2019.

Tickets for next year’s PAX East convention (being held in March) are now on sale, so go get them NOW before they sell out.

As it was this year, next year’s the show will be a 4 DAY EVENT, running from Mar 28 – 31, 2019.

If you live on, or near the East Coast and are a video and/or tabletop gaming fan, then you are going to want to head on over to to reserve your badges ASAP, as they have a history of selling out fairly quickly! In fact the Saturday badges are already listed as LOW!

Here is a link directly to the Show Clix purchase queue.

In 2018, they did away with the multi-day passes, so once again, for 2019 you’ll need to buy separate tickets for each day of the show. Individual days may be purchased at a cost of $57 each (a slight $4 bump from this year’s show).

Exclusive PAX East 2019 merchandise may be ordered as well and these include a sweet looking Limited Edition Level Up Dice Stand + Dice ($75), Office Set ($55), and Zipper Bag ($20).

These items are on sale exclusively through the online store. These items can be added onto PAX East badge orders and will be shipped out prior to the expo.

This is an absolutely fantastic show, which I’ve attended it every year since it came to the East Coast, I highly recommend checking it out for at least one of the four days.

I’ll let you go so you can ORDEER YOUR TICKETS.

UPDATE: It looks like Saturday badges are already SOLD OUT!!!
Fear Not.Sometimes a batch of previously sold badges become available later once the PAX officials sort out who bought more than their allowed amount, etc. So all hope isn’t lost if you want to attend on Saturday. Stay tuned for a future announcement.