The SPIEL in Essen, kicks off in a few short hours in Essen Germany and to celebrate Asmodee Digital has just released their digital adaptation of AEG’s über-popular micro game Love Letter.

If you haven’t played it before, Love Letter is super simple to learn, with players drawing and playing cards, trying to bluff and deduce which cards their opponents have, whilst attempting to get their love letter to the princess.

I played a beta release of this and it is a rather nice port, complete with support for 1-4 players and local and online play.

Really hoping this one does well for Asmodee as I’d love to see them add some of the wonderful themed variants (especially the Adventure Time and Letters to Santa versions which we play in our house).

You can grab a copy now for just $3.99.

A small portion of Asmodee’s MASSIVE library of digital board game apps has also been put on sale for as much as 60% OFF!

The digital adaptation of the 2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner, Isle of Skye, is on sale for the first time since its release in July.

Also on sale for the first time since its launch is the two-player strategy game King and Assassins, where you either take the role of the the tyrant King (and his soldiers), attempting to make his way to safety behind the castle walls as he pushes through the mob of angry citizens who have overrun the town (board) or you control three stealthy, blood-hungry assassins hidden among the townsfolk.

As far as I’m concerned, Patchwork and Ticket to Ride are “MUST HAVES” in anyone’s digital board game library and you can grab them for just $1.99 each

I assume that the sale will run through the end of SPEIL, (October 28th).