As they did last year, German development studio, Outline Development is celebrating the SPIEL in Essen by putting their entire digital board game library on sale.

Their nice, growing catalog includes fantastic digital adaptations of two Steffen Benndorf titles, the 2015 Spiel des Jahres NomineeThe Game‘ and the addictive roll ‘n write, Qwixx. A couple of months ago, they also added a great digital adaptation of Inka and Markus Brand’s 2016 thinky roll and write, Noch Mal!.

What makes Outline Development’s digital board game releases so nice is that instead of strict ports, they take the core fun of the physical game and then utilize what’s unique about the digital nature of apps to add fun new modes and companion tools to their app, giving them added value and entertainment.

Just released at the end of August, this marks the first time Noch Mal! is on sale and you can grab it now for 50% OFF!

Rounding out the sale is their fun port of the betting / racing game (and 2014 Spiel des Jahres Winner), Camel Up and their own original children’s puzzle game, Marble Monster.

SPIEL doesn’t kick off until the 25th, but the sale has already begun.
The sale (and SPIEL) runs through the 28th of October, but due to the possible time differences with your local country, I’d jump on these bargains as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.