If, like me, you are a fan of macabre themes, then NEXT Studio’s upcoming port of the award-winning PC puzzler, Death Coming is one you are going to want to keep an eye out for.

Known for its “cheeky humor, pixel charm, and large levels”, Death Coming puts players in on the role of Death himself.

After your untimely death, you’ve been given the chance to be the apprentice of the Grim Reaper itself. With no recollection of your identity and death, you join the Grim to collect souls. With your new line of work, maybe you’ll figure out why you lost your memory…

In order to collect souls, you must cause accidents.

By tapping on objects in a level, players can unleash gruesome (and darkly comedic) deaths on unsuspecting victims, freeing up unneeded souls for collection.

Perilous implements could be anything from a flower pot on the windowsill to a hive of bees or a red traffic light flipped to green while a pedestrian is in the middle of the cross walk.

Non-linear puzzle progression allows players the freedom to decide how best to “accidentally” collect their souls.

Originally released on Steam last November to both commercial and critical success, Death Coming will be available on the iOS App Store sometime this February.