Having covered PAX East since its launch in 2010, I’m thrilled that I will be at the inauguration of another brand-new Penny Arcade, expo, PAX Unplugged.

With just a week to go until the start of the show, the number of exhibitors at PAX Unplugged has swelled to a staggering list of nearly 200 companies!

You might be asking yourself…

Why is AppAddict going to a board gaming convention?
Isn’t PAX Unplugged supposed to be analog tabletop board gaming convention?

Yes, while generally on our site we cover apps and digital games, there has been a notable increase in the appearance of digital apps in tabletop board games.

These apps generally take one of the following forms

  • Companion apps to help streamline things like stats and score keeping.
  • Integrated component which enhanced the gameplay, adding new variety, variable elements or they might outright eliminate the need for a human player to be the game master.
  • Digital port a digital implementation of a cardboard tabletop game which allows for play on a mobile device or PC, AI opponents and competition against other players around the world.

We want to see your app-assisted, app-augmented and/or digital board games at PAX Unplugged!

If you are a game publisher or designer and are going to be attending PAX Unplugged, we would absolutely love to get a look at any app-assisted, app-augmented and/or digital board games that you might be working on.

Even if you may not have these available on the show floor, if you have a mobile device with a beta build, we’d love to set up some time to get a peek at what you have in the works.

Please get in touch with us either via email at pax@appaddict.net or using our contact form.

Hope to see you at the show!