Tinytouchtales, has just released a massive content update to their massive Sophomore solitaire hit, Card Thief.

Originally launched last March, this is the first big content update for the spectacular solitaire-style stealth game.

The FREE update introduces 10 new thieves, each of whom has a unique new gameplay rule. These are accessible via the Hideout, once you’ve stolen a total of at least 20 chests, with three different thieves available each day .

Players can unlock contracts by collecting stolen good cards from the 4 main heists. Once unlocked, each contract lasts 24 hours. All players compete on the same leaderboard. When the timer expires, the contract is replaced with a new one.

Also with this update, all loot is good loot since the trash loot cards have been replaced with stolen goods.

Finally there have been a few tweaks made to the gameplay rules and a replay system has been added for the Daily Heist.

This update adds even more replayability to this already great game.
I can’t wait to try out all of the new thieves to see how they affect the gameplay.

So what are you waiting for…update your app and get thievin’.

Download Card Thief