Founded serendipitously in 2014 by members of the of the board gaming community who were envious of those lucky enough to attend Gen Con, the unconventiontional unconvention known as GenCant was born.

#GenCant is a wonderful (mostly online) social, community-driven event that lets all gamers celebrate their love of board gaming in fun and creative ways.

Thanks in no small part to dedicated people like The Dice Tower‘s Suzanne Sheldon (@425suzanne) and others, GenCant has grown over the years, with “thousands of GenCanters participating in online events like photo contests, raffles, MegaKaruba, Poem Contests, and fun social post games”.

Loads of board game publishers, designers and regular gamers continue to donate a ton of great board game related prizes for attendees to win.

Held in parallel with Gen Con (August 17th to 20th), GenCant is a super fun event and if you love board games, I highly recommend joining in on this year’s festivities.

It is completely free to participate, you essentially just play some board games and (optionally) join in community events and/or tweet about how much fun you are having with the hashtag #GenCant.

If you want to participate in any of the organized activities, just visit the GenCant website for all the latest news and events, or keep an eye on the official @GenCant twitter account; You can even print out your very own attendee badge (like mine pictured here).

Okay, you may be wondering…hey I thought this was an iOS-related blog, what’s with all this board game talk?

Well first off…BOARD GAMES ARE AWESOME, and secondly, one of the easiest ways to participate in GenCant is to fire up your iOS device and play one of the amazing and extensive catalog of digital board game apps.

Tsuro, just went on sale for FREE today…why not start with that?

Maybe play some of those titles that you are in danger of losing come the launch of iOS 11 in a few weeks time.

Perhaps tweet out your latest high score in a solo game, or challenge fellow GenCanters to online matches.

If you are interested in some iOS board games, here is just a small sampling of the many wonderful digital board gaming experiences awaiting you on the App Store.

Have an #AppyGenCant!