Big battles, even bigger numbers.

Ekkorr, the South Korean developer behind Endless Frontier, isn’t the first to borrow from the RPG genre for an idle game. Some of the earliest idle games did exactly that. But this one looks and plays in a distinctive way, offering some features you’re unlikely to find in any other game in the genre.

The back-story is fairly straightforward. Take one prince of darkness, pour in an endless drizzle of marauding monsters, don’t forget the plucky young hero whose quest it is to rid the world of evil, and stir until infinite warfare ensues. Delicious.

Your job is to help the good guys on the frontline by using the loot gleaned from battle to upgrade and unlock your heroes. There are over a hundred heroes available, with bigger and more powerful fighters to unlock as you get further into the game. Whilst they autoquest through 1,500 stages of enemies, you make sure you’ve got the best arrangement of units out there, and that you’re maximizing the gold and gems pouring in.

Unusually for an idle game, there’s both a guild system and a PvP mode. All very RPG. You can join and create guilds, undertaking co-op and adversarial battles – or challenge your heroes against other players one-on-one.

There are opportunities to use in-game purchases to get ahead, but no unrewarding Gacha systems to worry about. You can pay to up your resources, or become a VIP player to benefit from some serious bonuses. Neither will let you skip to the end though, so you’ll still have to let your heroes do some hard graft.

Endless Frontier is a quirky idle game with RPG features, and if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your down time, you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Download your copy of Endless Frontier below:

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