With its 2017 lineup of unique iOS gaming controllers, Gamevice aims to bring some feeling back into mobile gaming.

A split-design, the Gamevice fits snugly onto both sides of your iOS device, transforming it into a classic, non-touch-based mobile gaming device, giving it a more precise, portable gaming console feel like a Gameboy, Game Gear or PSP. On the left side you have access to an 8-way analog D-Pad, analog thumbstick, trigger and shoulder buttons. On the right-side you have another analog thumbstick, trigger and shoulder buttons as well as the usual complement of analog buttons.

As of right now, Gamevice is the only Apple-approved, Lightning connected game controller (for latency free gameplay). It comes in separate models for the iPhone (fits the 7, 7+ 6 and 6+ series), iPad Mini, iPad 9.7″ (Air and Pro) and the 12.9″ iPad Pro.

This new second generation of the Gamevice iPhone controller has been upgraded with new, more ergonomic buttons and thumbsticks. It is also lighter and the gamevice is now powered by the iPhone itself with no need for an external battery. And if you are worried about your iPhone’s battery life, don’t…because “it draws no more power than headphones do”. Even though Apple removed the headphone jack from its latest series of iPhone, that’s no problem for the Gamevice, which add its own headphone jack to any iPhone 7 and 7 Plus while still offering access to a Lightning port for charging the phone (and powering the Gamevice simultaneously).

When can I get my hands on one of these?

The new Gamevice for iPhone controller will officially be available on January, 31st for $99.95, the iPad Mini will also be available that same day. The iPad Air/9.7″ Pro and 12.9″ Pro are available starting today.

The companion Gamevice Live app helps you to easily find (and download) the more than 900 Gamevice-supported iOS games that are available on the Apple app store, including titles like Minecraft, NBA2K17, Marvel Contest of Champions and Assassin’s Creed Identity and many, many more.

If you are someone who enjoys the more tactile feel of a physical controller, but like the compactness of the screen/controller combo then the Gamevice looks like the best of both worlds.

For more details on all models of the Gamevice, visit https://gamevice.com/.